...all within walking distance

Abruzzo is full of churches, monuments, cemeteries, museums, monasteries and fortified villages.
Next to famous monuments and collected as S. Maria di Collemaggio, the ancient roads of Scanno, the National Archaeological Museum of Chieti and Rocca Calascio, dozens of less famous wonders scattered in every corner of the region, excited tourists.

Abruzzo is the birthplace of the poet D'Annunzio, writers and philosophers like Silone and Croce, painters like Michetti, Palizzi and Cascella and many other artists.

We can not forget the historical and cultural treasures of Atri, the prestigious ceramics Castles and places of faith that have always characterized our history, the most representative the Shrine of St. Gabriel and the Holy Stairs of Campli where even today you can get plenary indulgence.